Heart to Heart Circles

Heart to Heart Circles offer an opportunity to connect with others in the church who wish to explore their values and their ideas of spirituality in an intimate setting and who wish to make a difference through service to the church and to the larger community.

Small Group Ministry programs are thriving all across the country in UU churches.  They have been very successful in creating a true sense of community in UU churches, especially ones whose congregation has grown to the point where it is difficult to know everyone by Sunday morning attendance alone.

Each group:

  • Meets monthly
  • Has 8 to 10 members with a facilitator
  • Follows a specific meeting structure
  • Is bound by a covenant of interaction to which each member agrees
  • Encourages listening as well as sharing on the part of each participant

The goal is to connect in a meaningful way with other members and friends of our church community. The spiritual and social connection, by which we measure our sense of belonging, is the purpose of Heart to Heart Circles.

Often people seek a church community in order to find deeper meaning in their lives and to find relationships with others who share their values. For people new to the church community the groups offer an opportunity to form friendships with others and to more easily become involved with the church. Further questions? Please contact  Cheryl Sims at h2h@uusm.org.

Below are session guides used in past months.

0219h2htrust.pdf78.73 KB
0119h2hpossibility.pdf52.17 KB
1218h2hmystery.pdf719.45 KB
1118h2hmemory.pdf101.67 KB
1018h2hsanctuary.pdf855.44 KB
0618h2hblessing.pdf123.94 KB
0518h2hcreativity.pdf221.79 KB
0418h2hemergence.pdf128.84 KB
0318h2hbalance.pdf565.26 KB
0281h2hperseverence.pdf823.13 KB
0118h2hintention.pdf861.89 KB
1117h2habundance.pdf440.59 KB
1017h2hcourage.pdf511.69 KB
0917h2hwelcome.pdf98.63 KB
0817h2hprophecy.pdf79.43 KB
0717h2htheforce.pdf571.88 KB
0617h2hjoy.pdf144.93 KB
0517h2hembodiment.pdf66.34 KB
0417h2hrisk.pdf499.55 KB
0317h2htransformation.pdf399.62 KB
0217h2hlistening.pdf396.64 KB
1216h2hhope.pdf396.01 KB
1116h2hstory.pdf164.22 KB
1016h2hhealing.pdf100.39 KB
0916h2huuprinciples.pdf390.61 KB
0816h2hsurrender.pdf99.23 KB
0716h2hcreativity.pdf99.21 KB
0516h2hcovenant.pdf402.6 KB
0416h2htransformation.pdf109.5 KB
0316h2hmortality.pdf105.92 KB
0216listeninggroups.pdf101.7 KB
1115h2hgratitude.pdf333.45 KB
1015h2hlettinggo.pdf430.63 KB
0915h2hforgiveness.pdf428.71 KB
0815h2hcompassion.pdf79.92 KB
0715h2hcreativity.pdf148.4 KB
0615h2hspiritualturningpoints.pdf102.19 KB
0515h2hfreedom.pdf94.18 KB
0415h2hrenewal.pdf96.04 KB
0315sgmjourney.pdf98.67 KB
0215listening.pdf329.66 KB
1214sgmritual.pdf322.46 KB
1114sgmmoney.pdf98.49 KB
1014sgmloss.pdf97.62 KB
0914sgmlove.pdf102.58 KB
0814sgmsabbath.pdf126.57 KB
0714sgmimagination.pdf19.86 KB
0614sgmshadow.pdf100.24 KB
0514sgmwonder.pdf337.7 KB
0414sgmsalvation.pdf336.51 KB
0314sgmsacrifice.pdf331.81 KB
0214sgmprayer.pdf100.94 KB
0114sgmlistening.pdf94.53 KB
1312_joy_sgm_groups.pdf59.41 KB
1311_grace_sgm_groups.pdf55.21 KB
1310_balance_sgm_groups_3_1.pdf56.91 KB
1309_friendship_sgm_groups_final.pdf319.97 KB
1308_surrender_sgm_groups.pdf51.2 KB
1307_vision_sgm_groups.pdf43.76 KB
1306_ourfathers_sgm_groups.pdf48.16 KB
1305_coventant_sgm_groups.pdf51.19 KB
1304_transformation_sgm_final.pdf319.4 KB
1303_gratitude_sgm_groups.pdf220.37 KB
1302_calling_sgm_groups.pdf314.08 KB