How to Schedule Remote Meetings

If you need to schedule a church business group or committee meeting via Zoom, please contact our office staff at, or post you request here
Please provide the following details at least three days prior to the meeting.  If you would like the meeting to be posted in the Weekly Email Announcements, please email Sibylla Nash at by Wednesday evenings.  For all meetings, please include:
  • Title of meeting
  • Date/day, meeting start time and end time
  • Host‘s email address(es)
  • Whether the meeting will be "Invitation Only" or "Public"

You will receive your meeting confirmation and ID via email. The meeting Host/Chair is responsible for sharing Zoom Room and ID information with attendees. 

Please note that we can only schedule one Zoom meeting at a time, so please be flexible with your meeting time. We will do our best to accommodate everybody, but you might need to change the time your meeting takes place.
Individuals can attend the meeting by phone if they do not have an email address. 
If you have your own Zoom account and would like to use it for meetings, we can post the information on the Weekly Announcements.