You play a critical role in helping build the Beloved Community. 

We are 100% self sustaining. If you value the enrichment, the encouragment to growth, and the opportunities to work together to bring more love and justice into the world, please take a moment today to pledge for the life of this community.

There are three ways you can signify your commitment:

Got questions? Please email church president Beth Brownlie at or Stewardship chair Jacki Weber at They're also in the church directory and are happy to talk!

2022 Pledge Campaign - Contemplating your pledge?
Remember our spiritual home at 18th and Arizona? We sure missed it! We have recently reopened our vibrant space with COVID-19 safety protocols in place!
2022 Pledge Campaign - Our Spiritual Home

How we create a culture of abundance at UUSM.

2022 Pledge Campaign - Road Map to Abundance